BMW M73 V12

Engine information:

Customer query:

I have a 1984 BMW e30 that I am putting a M73 V12 twin turbo in and I am looking to buy one of your systems that can run it. Please advise what you believe would be the best system to run in this from your company as well as pricing and availability

1 [VEMS ECU] can drive it if it has 12 high-Z injectors

Primary Trigger (crankshaft, most likely 60-2)

VR or HALL ?

Secondary Trigger (camshaft)

VR or HALL ?

Twin Electronic Throttle bodies

If it has 12 low-Z injectors, or 24 injectors (most likely not), or some other special requirement than 2 VEMS ECU-s can drive it (some considerations apply, eg: no MAT, CLT pullup on 2nd VEMS ECU )