MembersPage/DennisJacobsen - Aprilia

MembersPage/QuincyStraker - Suzuki Gsxr-1100 Turbo(T3/T4)

MembersPage/DavidGregory - Am adapting MSAVR to an odd-fire v-twin Ducati Monster

MembersPage/ArnoudvanderWel - Want to use VEMS to bring EFI to my Guzzi V-twin

MembersPage/BPoindexter - I am building a custom drag bike with a 107in^3 v-twin.

MembersPage/JoseLCortes - I´m trying to manage GSXR1000 engine with Genboard V3.1 (racing use).

MembersPage/EsbenNorby - Use GenBoard v3.3 on a Kawasaki ZXR 750

MembersPage/RagnarBurenius - Installing v3.3 on '00 Yamaha R6-engine

MembersPage/DTechnologies - 2001 Turbo Hayabusa - 300HP or bust!

MembersPage/AngeloDePascale - Adapting v3.2 to an Aprilia RSV1000 motorbike.

MembersPage/KeithDurand - Will use a Genboard v3.3 to control a Honda CBR600 engine. Plans to create a stripped down Genboard for racing.

MembersPage/MotoGuzzi V2 engine

MembersPage/PG/Aprilia - Aprilia RSV 1000 Dragbike

MembersPage/V2Engine - Honda motorbike V2 engine


MembersPage/Micha - GsxR

MembersPage/MikeSullivan - 86 Honda 700cc VFR

MembersPage/KTHRacing - A Formula student car. Custom built all the way with a N/A Suzuki GSX-R 600 engine.