LoloQuattro 07/02/12

Thanks for your request for additional details, I have inserted some clarification



Now the hot start and idle is solved, I still have a problem to start.

Here are the parameters for cranking.

Priming, crancking setup

Primepulse 0.0ms

Hot start primep temp scaling 20%

Cranking threshold 399rpm

Crank Ignition advance 9.0

Crank VE 60%

Afterstart setting (-40c) 12 cycles

Afterstart Warm Time (77c) 0 cycles

% of Warmup Enrichment at highest RPM 66%

% of Warmup Enrichment at 100kpa 90%

My crancking enrichissment curve is:

-20c 300%

0c 200%

30c 150%

70c 100%

Afterstart Enrichment curve

-20c 275%

0c 181%

30c 138%

20c 100%

Warmup Enrichment Curve

-40c 140%

-30c 135%

-20c 130%

-10c 127%

0c 124%

10C 120%

30c 110%

40c 107%

60c 100%

69c 100%

IAC duty at crancking

-40C 85%

77C 42%

IAC reference curve just some points

-40c 60%


0C 30%


69C 23%

Any suggestion ?

What kind of injectors and fuel do you use?

LoloQuattro 07/02/12

Bosch green 440cc

- assuming on pump gas (?)

How starting is bad? Is it cranking forever, or firing some strokes but cannot rev up, or revs and dies? ...

LoloQuattro 07/02/12

It did not start at all, it is crancking forever, I must inject Ether to have a start and then it is OK.

Once warm if I stop, it can restart it is OK.

You should give more details, preferrably your full vemslog/vemscfg files.

LoloQuattro 09/02/12

Here is the log, I am obliger to put ether in the intake and press full trottle to start