I am new at this game I must admit.

Project car: Ford Sierra Cosworth rwd, 4 door saloon.

Block: 2.0 ltr. 16v turbo YB (Garret T03 turbo).

204 bhp in standard guise.

My changes (including general engine overhaul +0,5 mm overbore and new forged pistons):

- high pressure oil pump;

- ARP rod bolts, main studs, head studs, flywheel bolts;

- MLS head gasket;

- RS500 style intercooler;

- 308 injectors;

- -31 waste gate actuator;

- laminova oil cooler with remote oilfilter;

- aquamist water injection.

My aim: 300 or maybe 325 bhp.

In order to achieve this I have ordered the v3.3 controler with 400 kPa MAP, and all other options (EGT, iButton etc.).