I want to install Vems system on my Fiat Coupe 20vt from '96. I have been getting some help from a Danish guy called PeterJensen?, but i need to get some questions answered.

The stock ECM is a Bosch Motronic M2.10.4 with a 60-2 trigger wheel and VR sensor.

The camshaft has a Hall sensor setup. The intake camshaft is also variable, but is controlled by a simple on-off switch which enables at a certain RPM.

My question is regarding the ignition. I would like to run the stock COP system, which is a + and a -, and a signal. .[1][2]

  • Passive coils.

Can these be used on the Vems system, and how is it configured? Taking i dont understand what you write, i will have Peter help me translate :) But he didn't know the answer for this, so thats why i ask!

Thank you!