Engine: Lancia Thema 2,0 16V Turbo (834 C 1.000)

Same engine type like all Fiat group 16V engines.

(Fiat Coupe,Tipo,Tempra,Croma,Lancia Delta,Thema,Kappa,Alfa 155 Q4) Engines are different only in electrical components and some mechanical details.

- Displacement: 1995ccm

- Bore: 84mm

- Stroke: 90mm

- Cilinders: 4 in line

- Firing order: 1-3-4-2

- Distribution: by belt, DOHC (2 cams in head)

- Rotation: right

Engine tuned parts:

- Turbocharger: Garrett GT3076R, (internal wastegate), assumed pressure: little more than 2 bar

- Throttle butterfly: Jaguar 4,0L, Diameter: 73mm

- Exhaust manifold: tubular type, diameter of each pipe: 42mm

- Intercooler: Water to Air type

-car will be used for DRAG RACING ONLY

Engine sensors (which will be used in my project):

Crankshaft (Trigger 1):

-pulley(Crank): 60 teeth -2

-sensor type: VR (Magneti Marelli SEN 8D - 700 Ohm) from Lancia Delta/Escort RS


Camshaft (Trigger 2):

(if using wasted spark - dont need trigger 2)

  • pulley: 1 tooth
  • sensor type: HALL( Bosch 0 232 103 039) from Fiat Punto,Doblo,...
  • if you have the option, HALL sensor is a better choice than VR, because low toothcount VR sensors are more sensitive to signal conditioning (pullup, pulldown) and noise

Throttle position sensor (TPS):


-type: Bosch 0 280 122 001

-total resistance : cca 2 kOhm

-number of wires: 3

-rotation: optional left or right (only need to swap wires)

Water temperature sensor (WT):


-type: negative temperature NTC (appr. 2252 Ohm at 25C)

-mark: Bosch 0 280 130 026

-impedance at -10C = 9 kOhm

-impedance at +20C : 2,5 kOhm

-impedance at +80C : 0,3 kOhm

-voltage: 5V

-number of wires: 2

Intake Air Temperature sensor (IAT):

-type: negative temperature NTC (appr. 2252 Ohm at 25C)

-mark: Bosch 0 280 130 060 ( from Lancia Kappa 2,0 16V Turbo)

-impedance at -10C = 9 kOhm

-impedance at +20C : 2,5 kOhm

-impedance at +80C : 0,3 kOhm

(this values are only informative, because i cant find values for this specific sensor - but i will measure it)

-number of wires: 2

Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor (MAP):

-VEMS internal MAP sensor (On-Board)

-Max. pressure: 400 kpa

-Voltage: 5V (or 12V)

Knock sensor:

Option 1:

-mark: Magneti Marelli SEN 14B

-operation frequecy: 12-16 kHz

Option 2:

-mark: Bosch 0 261 231 006 (usualy used by VEMS)

Lambda sensor (O2):

-type: Wideband (5V)

-mark: Bosch 0 258 007 351 (recommended by Vems)

-number of wires: 5

Exhaust Gas Temperature sensor (EGT):

Engine actuators (which will be used):


-wasted spark type with 2 coils

-Coils type: Marelli BAE 800B (060708038010) (Fiat Punto,Coupe, Lancia Delta,Thema,Y,...)


-Primary coil resistance: 0,54 Ohm

-Secondary coil resistance: 7500 Ohm

-Spark plugs: NGK BP6ET (3 electrodes in circle)

-- I would do BP6 or 7ES instead, plain copper electrode, regap to 0.4mm. (will see...)


-Injectors type: Peak & Hold

-Number of injectors: 4

-Resistance of 1 injector: 2,5 Ohm @ 68F

-Injectors mark: RC Engineering, 750 cc/min @ 43,5 PSI


-Injectors drivers: one driver per one cilinder

-Additional series resistor for injectors: OEM type, cca 7 Ohm per each inj. (for higher flowrate, eg. 1200-2400cc low-Z injectors, the [low-Z extension 4channel] would be better, but at 750cc/min (where idle pulsewidth not extremely short) the gains are negligible compared to the simpler series-resistors

So, with an ECU with lowZ-extension (4channel)

-Fuel pump: Bosch 0 580 254 044

-Fuel pressure: 3-5 bar

Boost Control Valve:

-for this time unconnected...after: OEM Solenoid Bosch or Pierburg or VEMS


- VEMS LCD Display (green)


Note from support crew: You've made good plans, and a nice description of your project, include the page URL in your order comment and negotiate some discount for v3.

Note from Tomas to support crew: Thank you very much support crew! ;)

Here is my project car (the white one), which actualy runs with Lancia 2,0 16V Turbo engine with stock ECU and it is tuned for 290HP and 400 Nm. I hope with VEMS it will be better :)

This is actualy result without Vems (for this time):


This is the current wiring diagram with a description of all components and also with the selected configuration of the VEMS V3.6 controller.

Please support crew, control if it is correct (because i want to order this configuration soon)and try to add numbers for pins (circles at the picture) for the correct connecting of VEMS v3.6 to all sensors and actuators. If it is possible, please, redraw this wiring diagram with recommended grounds connections and power supply connections. Thank you very much. Tomas.


Injector group table (for NON cam sync):

Use diagonal (top-left to bottom-right) instead (as default), and wire injectors in according order:

Note the arrow in the injector output visual group points up.


Before plugging, I asked, so nothing bad happened ;)

I disabled PWM-ing and connected injectors on pins A,B,C,D in this direction:

...but i dont understand how this diagonal injector group table can work???

Since i have "NO cam sync" i must group inj1 with inj4 and inj2 with inj3 because ecu dont know which of this cylinders fire.

This has been answered on this page. Use diagonal (top-left to bottom-right), or you can rotate it, but use only 1 injector in each row

I think i need configure Vems ECU for semi-sequence injection

What about transient diode using on LowZ active Flyback?

No need outside. You have an assembled controller, there is a 30V transient diode inside (and the low-Z extension for 4 channel inj A-B-C-D).

Or UserGuide? on web site (by PhatBob?) is only for older controllers? This part is for home-assembled units.


This weekend i started my engine with VEMS ECU (with the above specifications) and is working properly :) ...just tune the maps and lets go to race :)