Hi my name is Kurt Årdal and I'm from Norway.

The car is a 90 mod Volvo 240.


Engine: B230FT inline 4 cylinder

60-2 flywheel (Vr trigger, will get cam sync later with a hall sensor)

Siemens Deka 840cc injectors

Original coil with original distributor

Mitsubishi TD04-13C turbo @ 0.6 bar (stock B230FT turbo)

Have had it running with the Vems ecu, but had some issues with cranking, and after getting the noise cancelled, I had a talk with Reidar at RFS Performance and he suggested that I check the sensor clearance at the flywheel, since I get trigger errors.

I scoped the trigger and it fluctuates between 0.6 volts, and -0,6 volts while cranking. Running ok, once I get it started.


The ecu is getting shiped back to for an upgrade. The box is quite old.. serial number 758.