Car Audi a8 quattro 2.2 20VT 950hp

Vems 3.6

I need some strategy for a traction control when car starting some spark cut or slow reving by a specific time , or ignition retard for first gear, im need some specjal solution

A: It is possible to use per gear boost target, per gear ignition trim, anytrim ( on slip ratio between front/rear wheels or launch time.

Any or a combination of these functions should provide proper off starting line response - DB

How I can reduce power on start only ?? in all of this option car always running on retard ignition on 1 or 2 gear or reduced boost or when im active launch time vs ignition retard i have retard ignition on each gear.

Im need some special conditions for launch setup some like no2 conditions , and strategy for holding rpm by specified time

0,1 sec on 4100 rpm

0,2 sec on 4300 rpm

0,3 sec on 4500 rpm

0,4 sec on 4900 rpm


In wheelspeed firmware by-speed launch-RPM limit is more reasonable and more commonly applied. Using by time is also possible: