Car Audi a8 quattro 2.2 20VT 950hp

Vems 3.6

I need some strategy for a traction control when car starting some spark cut or slow reving by a specific time , or ignition retard for first gear, im need some specjal solution

A: It is possible to use per gear boost target, per gear ignition trim, anytrim ( on slip ratio between front/rear wheels or launch time.

Any or a combination of these functions should provide proper off starting line response - DB

How I can reduce power on start only ?? in all of this option car always running on retard ignition on 1 or 2 gear or reduced boost or when im active launch time vs ignition retard i have retard ignition on each gear.

Im need some special conditions for launch setup some like no2 conditions , and strategy for holding rpm by specified time

0,1 sec on 4100 rpm

0,2 sec on 4300 rpm

0,3 sec on 4500 rpm

0,4 sec on 4900 rpm


In wheelspeed firmware by-speed launch-RPM limit is more reasonable and more commonly applied. Using by time is also possible:

Trigger Problem With hall sensor

i use this sensor and trigger wheel



trigger wheel


and problem is with trigger errors i change in vems

SJ2 closed, SJ6 open

R30 pullup - install 4k7 resistor, and 2701 still problem

my config file

trigger log 4k7 resistor

trigger log 2701 resistor

photo inside ecu before SJ2 closed, SJ6 open






Thanks for your elaborate report, this helps pinpointing the source quickly. Your tirggerlog(s) shows inverted polarity on the primary trigger sensor and your config confirms; please change primary trigger edge to FALLING from rising and power cycle the ecu.

If you are still having issues after that, please upload a new triggerlog and vemslog (or vemscfg) so i can review.

Best regards, Dave

Car running sometimes but i must 4 or 5 times cranking

trigger log when is trigger error

log when trigger error

config actual

when car start work fine

log and trigger log

I have reviewed your vemslogs and triggerlogs, your errors are caused by secondary trigger settings, please disable "ignore sectrig pulses above" set to 255 instead of current 0.

Also config validation shows many warnings and errors please correct those before anything else.

Judging from your triggerlog "v3.3_u006060-2017-07-18-12.09.41.triggerlog", tcd delay is not configured correctly, make sure to verify and recalibrate both trigger tooth and tdc delay before all else with timing light

Best regards, Dave

when i change ignore sectrig pulses above to 255 everything works great thanks alot


all chanels 0v I change mcp3208 but still nothing i use this



problem solved i change vems tune to older from 2016 06 06 and everything works fine