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Trigger 24+1 (C024 pattern)

Must I grind 1 teeth from cranck wheel?

Normally no. The engine can run in camsync with 12 tooth wheel and 1 pin camshaft (if the sectrig is always between 2 given primtrig pulse, not too close to neighbor primtrig tooth and sometimes overtaking eg. at quick revvup). That is usually the case, but verify.

A: No tooth grinding required, the 24+1 trigger pattern is supported by VEMS.

do you have some initial config or configuration primary and secondary triggers for this engine??


problem is when im crancking VEMS sees the engine speed after 2 seconds in log you see when im starting crancking the battery level going down and after 2 second vems see rpm

trigger log

vems log

This issue (long cranking with simpletrigger + camsync has since been fixed) for more details see: GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges. Upgrade firmware to 1.2.16 to make use of this fix - DB

Cranking fix is working good

new problem secondary trigger pos bad

trigger log


A: This trigger error can be safely ignored for now, it sometimes comes up because conditions for it are a bit too strict, this will be fixed in up coming release under testing. -DB


When im activate switch on my clutch launch flag is green but dont work when im revs my engine speed is the same at rev limiter (7000) on launch i have (4000rpm)

when im turn launch always on then work perfect

vems log

A: When launch control rpm curve is enabled, you need to set up the curve with desired rpm limits (currently all set at 25500 in your config). More elaboration in F1 help menu for Launch Control.

new config with right launch setup and launch stil don`t work

cnfig file

A: Your launch input does not switch fully to ground (but is stuck at 1.32v), you need to pull below 0.9v to activate (and above 1.56v to deactivate). Make sure you use an input with internal pull-up to 5v and apply an external switch to ecu GND (not power-ground or other).