Page created to cleanup specs

Note that if ECU is manufactured to specs, but the specs is wrong, it will not work. Sectrig=HALL (cam), we can agree on that... However, even after several "we are sure emails", primary trigger=HALL is specified which we think is wrong. On single-Vanos M50 engines (also considering the more detailed info) cranksensor should be VR.

Primary trigger

Probably wrong info below, saying crankshaft=HALL (info mounting in emails before this page was created)

M50B25TU 141 kW (189 hp) @ 5900 245 Nm (181 lbft) @ 4200 6500 84 mm (3.3 in) 75 mm (3.0 in) 10.5 1993


Single Vanos

3 PIN Hallsensor Crankshaft (editors note: 3 pin is correct, but "HALL" must be wrong)

we are sure - Motorcode M50 S256S2, with single Vanos - Hallsensor Crankshaft with 3 pins (editors note: 3 pin is correct, but "HALL" must be wrong)

The partsnumber of the original ECU is Bosch 0 261 200 413

Identifikationnumber of the BMW is WBACB31060FD7.... (last 4 digits removed)

M50 single vanos is 100% VR crank, Hall cam.

BMW ETM shows the very clear VR and HALL symbols for the sensors.

According to Bentley manual and personal experience, the crank sensor BMW M50BXX engines is VR.

The crank sensor BMW M52BXX engines is HALL.

- This latest Siemens CAM sensor however is far from standard, cannot be used with aftermarket ECUs