Greetings from Finland!

My project car is Ford Escort Mk4 -87


- Ford Galaxy -99 2.3i 16V engine block and cylinder head

- Ford Escort RS2000 -92 cams, exhaust header and intake manifold

- Ford Escort Cosworth T25 fuel pressure regulator (3,5bar)

- Davies Craig electric water pump and controller

VEMS external hardware

Injectors: Bosch 0 280 155 504 (~280cc/min@3,5bar?)

Coils: Ford dual coils

Coolant sensor: GM because resistance range is suitable and it's got correct thread

Intake air sensor: GM for same reason

Primary trigger: Ford VR sensor

Secondary trigger: Ford VR sensor, reading exhaust cam at cylinder 4 (I'm not sure do I use this at the beginning at all)

TPS: Keihin TPS (stock Suzuki GSXR1000 K2)

LCD: 20x4 black/green with inverted colors

Lambda: Bosch 057

Questions and answers


Now (31.7.2017) I'm using FW 1.1.94 and it seems to work ok and after MOT I have driven car ~300km last week.

On weekend I have some time to study VemsTune and I have now disabled "IAC Alpha-N Load Compensation", but I have another problem to solve.

I try to Remap VE-table TPS-axis from 0-1-1-3-5-xxx-99 to something more reasonable like 0-1-2-4-6-9-xxx-99. After change, Alt+B and everything seems ok. Logging on and start my journey. Next time when I'm going to start my tuning session, TPS -values are back to that 0-1-1-3-5-xxx-99 -form. How to fix that?

And does VE Tune by statistics or Live VE analyzer mess my "new" values? These TPS -values (don't mind about bumpy map, I have already smoothed it after this run);