Visual Harness

Current wiring notes (note, connector names from bentley manual):


Note: coolant bottle is removed for viewing.


Close up

VEMS Harness

Wiring Table

Component/SensorWire ColorWire FunctionECU location/PinHarness Location/Pin
Coolant Temperature SensorOrangeSignalPin 14 on EC36doesn't matter?
GreenGroundAnalog Grounddoesn't matter?
Intake Air Temperature SensorGrayblueSignalPin 2 on EC36doesn't matter?
GreenGroundAnalog Grounddoesn't matter?
Throttle Position SensorYellow+5vPin 28 on EC36Pin 1?
PinkECU signalPin 1 on EC36Pin 3?
GreenGroundAnalog GroundPin 2?
Wasted Spark CoilRed+12v+12v that was used on stock coilPin 2
Dark GrayCyl 1 and 4Pin 36 on EC36 (was pin 35 on EC36)Pin 1 or 3
Light GrayCyl 2 and 3Pin 12 on EC36 (was pin 33 on EC36)Pin 1 or 3
GreenGroundPower GroundPin 4
VR Crank Position SensorWhiteSignalPin 27 on EC36Pin 1
BlackGroundAnalog GroundPin 2
ShieldGroundAnalog GroundPin 3 (see trigger page)
Idle Stabilizer ValveRed+12v+12v sourcePin 1
BeigeSignalPin 6 on EC36Pin 3
Fuel InjectorsRed+12v thru flybackSource +12v, Flyback Pin 23 on EC36T2f (black connector by master cyl) Red/White (shared with WBo2)
BlackInj APin 7 on EC36don't know
BlueWas Inj B then E NOW Inj H B and E are stuck openWas Pin 19 then 9 on EC36 Now Pin 17don't know
WhiteInj CPin 8 on EC36don't know
YellowInj DPin 20 on EC36don't know
Fuel Pump Relay TriggerWhiteSignalPin 16 on EC36 (was Pin 15 on EC36)T2f (black connector by master cyl) Red/Yellow
Shift LightYellow/Black StripeSignalPin 3 on EC36TBD instrument cluster
TachometerLight GreenSignal via 1kOhm pull-up resistorPin 4 on EC36Red/black where coil was
ECURed+12vPin 25 on EC36see top section
GreenGroundPin 26 on EC36Analog Ground
Power GroundsGreenGroundPin 5 on EC36Power Ground
GreenGroundPin 21 on EC36Power Ground
GreenGroundPin 22 on EC36Power Ground
GreenGroundPin 32 on EC36Power Ground
Other GroundsBlackAnalog Ground to Power GroundGroundPower Ground
Component/SensorWire ColorWire FunctionECU location/PinHarness Location/Pin
Knock SensorWhiteSignalPin 3 on EC18Pin 1
BlackGroundPin 2 on EC18Pin 2
ShieldGroundPin 2 on EC18Pin 3
Wideband Oxygen SensorRed+12vT2f (black connector by master cyl) Red/White (shared with fuel injectors)Pin 3
YellowWBo2 Pump+Pin 9 EC18Pin 6
BlueWBo2 Pump-Pin 7 on EC18Pin 5
BlackWBo2 HeaterPin 18 on EC18Pin 4
WhiteNerst Cell SignalPin 13 on EC18Pin 1
MembersPage/PhatBob/UserGuide ConnectingWBO2Sensor.png
=DSUB9 (Serial Port)tbd???Pin 14 EC18Pin 3
tbd???Pin 15 EC18Pin 2
tbdgroundAnalog GroundPin 5
MembersPage/PhatBob/UserGuide ConnectingSerialPort.png
Fuel Pressure InputtbdSignalPin 12 EC18not yet implemented
Extra ADC input (analog digital converter)tbdtbdPin 6 EC18???
Vehicle Speed SensorWhite/BlackSignalPin 8 on EC18Pin 2
Red+12v (shared with ISV)In Harness by ISV connectorPin 1
GreenGroundAnalog GroundPin 3

Harness-side pinout with the guide tab pair pointing downwards.


Misc ECU Grounds