Some general tuning guidelines from g60dave

If you can't tune for load situations, turn EGO correction on and create a lambda table. You'll find if you get your map mostly smooth (prior to EGO correction) then turn EGO correction on it will smooth things out a fair bit. This technique is good if you have to tune by yourself or tune a car that's not local to you.

create a lambda table with your targets. To get AFR.. multiply lambda x 14.7 for gasoline. Once its full.. turn it on.. go for a drive

see how far it has to correct to get you to the numbers you can then make pretty close guesses on your VE table entries..and use the datalogs then make the changes and go for another drive

about making lambda tables:

let it do 20% rich or lean correction as long as your wideband is properly calibrated or try 15% to start

if you leave EGO correction on, in the datalog where it says EGO in the colum and its all 100 right now. if it goes down to 80 then you know it was trying to lean out your mix by 20% to reach your target or if it goes up to 106 then it was adding 6% fuel for that VE area to reach your target AFR

If you are tuning with a partner <someone driving> leave EGO correction off as you can correct in realtime

if you can get a partner to drive, just sit with the tuning window open on VE.. watch the lambda gauge on the left, and your target gauge on the right and make corrections by hand as they drive with ego correction disabled - it is still nice to have your lambda table filled in because it's a handy reference.

you just need a decent memory of where the green dot went and what the values were as it traveressed its path. its likely to take nearly the same path each time through your table if the driver repeats the behavior. Also there are large chunks of your map that really never get used

it all comes down to practice.. we had the 1.8T car tuned perfectly in under 2 hours..

Lambda targets for gasoline

turbo car: 0.86-0.82 lambda for anything over 100 kPa - 0.82 to 0.83 recommended on 91 octane

100 kPa target 0.89

85-90 kPa target 0.91 0.92

below 85 kPa you can leave it all at 1.0 as a start, though you can probably get a leaner cruise if you want

you might need a richer idle.. 0.96-0.99 on some cars depending on your setup for a smooth idle

some cars will idle nicely at 1.08 lamba thoough

general guidelines:

12.8:1 - 13.2:1 / 0.87 - 0.90 NA

12.0:1 - 12.5:1 / 0.81 - 0.85 turbo