This is a page for me to ask questions to you and you to ask questions to me. Hopefully answers can be provided too.

[2007-02-03] Question: Anyone with a VW who has dropped the distributor for coilpacks will need a new way to drive the tachometer. VEMS can drive an output, so the solution is as simple as hooking up the wire (i think it's red/black in the scirocco's case) to the appropriate output on the VEMS box. The questions become: what type of current does the VW tachometer require? How do you set up the VEMS config to provide what the VW tach requires (relevant config data would be nice!)?

Answer: I used a 1kOhm pull-up resistor between EC36/25 (ECU 12v supply) and EC36/4 and the tach works so far. I believe genboard v3.3 has pull-ups from the factory so you may not need to worry about adding your own. I am using v3.2.

[2006-17-09] Question: Could you add 100-1 trigger wheel to the trigger wheel utility? MembersPage/PeepPaadam

Answer: I've updated the script for 100-1 Wheels -

[2006-04-08] Question: Does the map sensor line length and diameter matter? With Digifant I, there was a lot of discussion on this topic.

Answer: No it doesn't matter. it doesn't work like digi 1. how ever Map should have its own port. and not sharing a vaccum line.

[2006-04-09] Question: If the ECU has the EGT leads do I have to hook up the sensor? Part 2 is can I hook up the sensor in the downpipe RIGHT after the turbo? That would save a lot of effort...

Answer: you don't need it to be hooked up. if the system has setting just disable them so EGT doesn't have a effect on the operation of the motor until you hook it up. Part2: if its hooked down from the turbo reading will different from what you would normally get if it was in the manifold itself. you have to look at the gauge more to get a feeling for where it should operate at.

[2006-04-18] Question: The VR trigger from the ABA engine has 3 pins. I have a wiring diagram for it, but stuff goes straight to the ECU, making it hard to figure out. Anyone want to take a stab at this?

Answer: One pin is the ECU signal, the other is grounded via the ECU and the final one is the shield ground. Specifics are going in a trigger page

[2006-09-02] Question: How should I be grounding these - currently I have the common low power ground wire and all the high power grounds going into a lug. I don't think it's the best solution.

Answer: See GenBoard/Manual/GroundConnections, anything is good if the 3..4 GND5 wires join to the EC36pin26 GND max 40cm from the EC36 connector. The VR sensor ground (VR-) must join there or even closer to EC36pin26.