New Oct/08

Engine fixed (bad cylinder head iol pressure) , retuned on dyno, now makes 607 whp SAE. Driveability is fair to good, waiting for improved TPS enrichment code. Also waiting on owner to install an Idle Valve. The car is driven daily and has A/C.



Project is running and tuned on street and the dyno.

Engine has slight high rpm performance problem, but the engine makes 30-50 whp more over a 2000 rpm range before the power peak.

The engine made 583 whp peak.

The ecu is working with AEM Peak and Hold Injector Driver

and 1000cc Low-Z injectors.

The Wideband O2 controller is working well. I did 2 back to back tests with the Dynojet 224x dyno and the AFR curve was dead-on and within .1 to .2 AFR with the dyno and an AEM Wideband that was mounted in the car.