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Update Now running on E85 fuel, Bosch 1680cc injectors, no resistors.

582 whp on dyno, with damaged compressor wheel


Previously on this same dyno with C16 fuel we made 547 and then 567 whp.

E85 curve has much stronger mid-range power.

EGT pre-turbine went from 1680(gas) to 1520(E85)


592 whp/429 wtq at 2.25 bar boost:


526 whp/388 wtq at 1.75 - 1.9 bar boost:


I'm not 100% confident on the dyno numbers. The dyno did not use an RPM pickup, instead syncing up the RPM and MPH at 4000 RPM and no load. The RPM in these charts is short of the actual RPM by ~500. The 592 who run had clear wheelspin, especially at the torque peak. I was only concerned with the clean looking (first) curve, and a good running and sounding engine.

The engine was tuned with the VEMS Wideband. EGT was only 882 deg C (only dyno in 3rd gear but somewhat long gear)

Impressive engine. Congratulations