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5cyl rabbit

[07k i5 triggerlogs]

Attached are 3 files.

special setup, with secignore

Triggerlog/Vemslog Analyse and Hints:

The rpm tooth was lining up with the missing tooth in the 1.2.12 configuration, while it is not supported it somehow worked in 1.2.12 it does not work in 1.2.30 (Trigger settings visual even warns about it with the RED ATT in missing tooth GAP):

'Config adjustments to move the rpm tooth outside of the missing tooth GAP and make it work again 1.2.30:

several other engines like this (07k i5) working without problems; nothing special about 60-2 + some cam sync . Here is one from USA (Marc S. captured cranking, inj disabled ) :


Normally after a few years, SD-erase is a good idea to make space for SD-logging; SD-erase also necessary when changing firmware version up/down (2GB SD capacity used a few years ago was limited to a few thousand hours, even 8GB used nowadays is not infinite).

Updated a car from 1.2.12 fw to 1.2.30, and now I have a triggering/RPM reading issue.

The reason I changed fw, is because the car with the 1.2.12 is having problems with the SD Card logging -

It always took longer on this car, but lately it started not being able to access the log list at all. SD-erase didn't fix or wasn't attempted ?

I literally erase the SD Card after every drag run.

I work on the same 3-7 cars at every event, on all of the other cars the SD Card logging/uploading works OK. On this car (ECU# 6848) it was slow to download the SD Logs from day 1 (using 1.2.12fw).... and this season it started just not working altogether. I am using the same Laptop and USB Cable for all of the cars (FTDI cable from webshop)....'''

Can you try another SD card to see if it solves ?

Now I am having a RASH of issues with SD Logging.... download attempts results in minutes of waiting for no result, or timeout error, with both 57k or 115k baud rates selected

Last month is was V3 ECU #9524 having upload issues

Today V3 ECU #10311 and #10358 are not allowing SD Uploads

"FIXED" by updating #10311 and #10358 to 1.2.31fw... buy WHY does the SD Logging have issues on only these ECU, and not all of the older units???

I noticed starting with 1.2.24 fw there is improved SD log support

BUT I could not find a download link for 1.2.24 fw, so I went to the next released/stable fw of 1.2.30 (good).

Anyway, with the 1.2.30 fw, the RPM reading is dropping 50% of value over and over again constantly, and the engine struggles to run.

I'm going to re-install 1.2.12 fw today, and try to access the SD Logs with the newer VEMSTune to see if that improves, and we need to see if the RPM reading issue goes away.

Any advice you have about the 1.2.30 fw, or if you have a better recommendation, I'd appreciate it!


Kevin Black