Porsche 911 Turbo 6 cylinder engine, engine unknown but had the Motronic from the 3.2 engine running before vems install.

The engine is similar to MembersPage/MacB

Update: the car is running on 1.1.98 fw. Good job guys!

For the c129 signal, divby43, 1.1.98 (17-Jan-2012 or newer) firmware needed from [developer testserver]

Trigger setup:

Flywheel tooth and flywheel pin triggering, flywheel is 129+1.

ECU Info:

ECU#4215 vr/vr trigger(auditrigger non camhall)

Flywheel Tooth Trigger to EC36-27

Flywheel Pin Trigger to EC18-12

Here's link to 911 Workshop Manual, years 1984-1989:

Maybe there's some info on 911 Turbo as well.(MembersPage/PeepPaadam)

  • 115k Triggerlog is here, scope screen is below,%204000%20Trigger%20Error%20115k%20Baud%20v3.3_u004215-2012-03-13-10.55.15.triggerlog
  • note: anything after "auditrigger with third trigger input software "camHALL scope" (2011-08-02) will NOT work, so 1.1.96 and 1.1.97 will NOT work (at all with this trigger, see GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges ). 1.1.95 should work (we didn't tested it)

Secondary Trigger:

are we certain that sectrig VR is not accidentally inverted ? Picture of Trigger on scope:


The primtrig has a lower-frequency component (which can cause runout at higher RPM and could explain the symptoms) of unknown source.

I was able to change the R181 to 235k, with no real improvement(still ...fill in exact type of trigger error, just in case... trigger errors beginning at ~3,500 rpm)

I also applied a 1k to ground on the sec trigger (per email) with no noticeable change in results. The sec trig scope trace shows a slightly better dip below 0v now

New scope trace:


Yes, this scopeshot looks better. Mean (DC) voltage is still above GND (if there were no symptoms, we would probably be satisfied with that primtrig ... with symptoms, of course we are concerned about everything).

  • Is the 18k internal pullup to +5V still installed internally ?

We also tested with no divider (tooth width=2.75 deg): it worked, but peak-RPM would likely be limited.

This special case of auditrigger worked on bench, including the per-cyl delay, but only after tricking "divider-off, than "divider-on" (so we're working on initialization change, needed so it syncronizes without this trick, currently stuck in tooth_cnt=FF and wouldn't spark without this hack).

Per-cyl ignition delay is needed (because 43/3 != 14). Note: RPM reading might fluctuate, so divby43 is better choice