My car has an Injector Power Supply Relay that I use the RPM Actuator to turn on. The setting is 100 RPM. I typically use IGBT outputs for these relays. I previously used P259 outputs.

Has anything been changed in 1.1.xx firmware as far as the RPM turn-on? (compared to 1.0.78 fw which worked fine the last 2 winters)


My relay will not turn ON at 177 RPM and 11.1 Volts(cranking)

But, it will turn on at 219 RPM and 10.4 Volts.

RPM Actuator setting is 100 RPM. Only change is newer firmware.

I'm thinking that if RPM is not 200+, the output does not activate. More testing to follow tomorrow.

Long Version

This winter, my car will not start cold (won't even try).

When I re-install stock ecu and start the engine, and run it for ~5 minutes, then re-install VEMS ecu, it will start right away.

Measurements: 1.1.87

RPM activation 800RPM

RPM actuator threshold details