Injector Spec Database

This page is to provide a place to store injector specs for quick reference.


Mototron(Racetronix L107FM) High-Z 668 cc (AKA 630's)

Delphi Low-Z 95#/hr (with 30v TS diode and 6R8 resistors)

Bosch 5 ohm 160#/hr ?

Be sure to specify your exact flyback setup!

Details about ECU Operation:

Inj Open Time(us)

Inj Effective Rampup(us)


battfac(us)(This is PW added at 7V, goes linear to zero at 13.2V)

Injpwm DC(%)100%(Leave at 100% - disables PWM)

Injpwm peak time(ms)25.5(Leave at 25.5ms)

Discussion from VEMS.UK Message Board, information supplied by GintsK?

But surprise!!! injrampup_battfac 4080 did not disable correction. It is maximal possible correction in fact!!

works in very strange way. It describe some kind of coefficient for inj_eff_rampup time. No influence @7V

If inj_eff_rampup time is configurated as 1500, it adds 1000us @7V. But injrampup_battfac scale this value @13V by aprox. :

4080 - 0.78

2000 - 0.89

500 - 0.97

0 - 1.0

So if injrampup_battfac is 4080 and inj_eff_rampup time is configurated as 1500 we get 1000*0.78=780us adder to PW @13V.

Very confusing and user unfriendly! Why, why