I'm doing an install of a second hand VEMS ecu, #325.

Seems to be a home-assembled controller, can be anything.

Is it possible for the Webshop to retrieve the information on this ecu/order?

The ecu is

2.5 bar MAP,

Dual EGT,

Flying Lead PS2,

Flying Lead LCD,

Peak and Hold Injectors? (long board semi-vertical from board)

Package with ecu addressed to: "Justin McClintock?" in Canada.

- Gunni :

Why donīt you just open it and look inside to see the specs?

- Jason:

Your board is very close in serial number to mine. The vertical board is the old flyback board. From what I understand people have better luck using the transient diode method now. Shouldn't be too hard to see if the board is wired for VR or Hall on the triggers, just reference the wiki.