Project Summary

My name is Ken Lanham from Denver, Colorado in the United States. My project is a Volvo 740 Wagon with a turbocharged 16v engine. VEMS is replacing an aging megasquirt system to help push the power level higher and improve reliability. I had modified and expanded my old megasquirt box to its limits. I spent enough money and effort on that setup to buy 2 VEMS probably. I like the do it yourself nature of the Megasquirt project but it was time for something in a cleaner package with all the features I had grafted onto my MS box.

The engine is a 2.6 liter stroked version of the Volvo B230. The 16v head is from a related naturally aspirated 4 cylinder Volvo engine. The turbo setup is 62mm Precision turbo and Isuzu NPR intercooler mounted on a custom stainless header. I run E85 for fuel all the time. Best power so far is a touch over 500 at the rear wheels.



I'm just sorting out the install right now, and have alot more questions than answers. I have learned that VEMS is not Megasquirt. The setup and configuring of the hardware and software is completely different. I was expecting something like Super Megasquirt. Probably tricked by the fact that Megatune is used to tune the tables and configurations. This VEMS is looking to be very good but will take some re-learning.

Here is the list of devices and outputs I'll be running on this engine. I think I have the big power suckers on appropriate outputs.


EC36 pin #Device(s)
7,8,19,204x 1600cc low z injectors
33,34Ford EDIS coil pack wasted spark
6Bosch 2-wire Idle Valve
9Boost Control Solenoid
4Volvo Electric Fan Relay
17Nitrous Solenoids
3Shift Light
36Factory Tachometer
152x Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps


2712mm threaded hall sensor reading 36-1 wheel
1TPS from Volvo 960
14Volvo CLT
2GM open element IAT
ec18-6Arming Switch for Nitrous
--Wideband O2

Q: First question, will someone answer on my wiki page?

Q2: How does this trigger setup look for a 36-1 wheel? At TDC the crank sensor points at tooth #9