Q: I do not seem to be able to get the PWM for the idle to change with RPM

I played with all the seting and I can change how much it is open by changing Max steps to extend. but it seem to stick where ever I set that to

the speed/PWM seem to need to be 0 or 1 if I set the number larger that valve pops open close very fast(likly to damage)

the rest of the setting seem to have no affect. except for TPS threshold that tells it when to turn on.

if I set the Max steps so the valve is open 1/2 and change the RPM up/dowm past ether the cold or the hot idle seting the valve dose not move at all.

I also tested with ignition basted idle on and off

I also tested with Asymmettic PID on and off

this is with 1.0.45 FW

Some notes about the valve. This is a motronic valve

yes it has a window inside that is just the size of the opening. if the window is lined up no air can pass if is past that spot too far closed as in no voltage the window is part open. there is a stop that is factory glued and it will idel around 900RPM

as you add voltage the window will move and start to close when the window is centered the valve is 100% closed. Then as the voltage in increased the window will open on the otherside and can keep on going untill 100% open.

min PWM and a max PWM setting are easy, since you can adjust the ("stepper", same as PWM) reference positions in function of CLT. Sufficiently low (05 ?) iac_integral_limit_dec helps you to limit PWM to go much lower than you like (useful anyway).

errors on my part

Q: anyone know why the dwell time jumps like 2x under 1000RPM?


Bad tooth_wheel setting (see MembersPage/KeithHargrove/AlfaMilano/ConFig ) makes me wonder how it runs at all. Doesn't it show wheel-errors ?

it did on the bench due to a bad matching software wheel with 62-2. but 62 will not divide into 3 so the dwell was all messed up

Now it is much better with the right wheel.

But in megatune the dwell is off by one.

I had to set it to .78 to get a 1.78ms Dwell

found the Dwell problem. the dwell @6V had add 2ms in it and not 0. and I was runing around 12v it ramps. so anything less then 14v will get the some of the 6V added to it the lower the voltage the more is added.