config subpage for MembersPage/KeithHargrove/AlfaMilano .

for tuning I used [Megalogviewer]

I needed to change a few things in the configfile

[ need to be renamed]

I start and when the WBO is heated and EGO is on I start logging

drive around then end the log

Then I edit the log and rename lambda to O2 (hack untill I find out how to fix the properties for that)

the load the megatune.msq and the log file

hit VE Analyzer

then hit Run Analysis

[Note[ the Analysis is only using the Gego data so AFR target window is not used at all.

Then I click Accept New Table

Then save the MSQ

Then open Megatune open the MSQ file click burn and the car is tuned...

repeat a to get more cells tunned.