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1.1.27 works well I can make spark everywhere :)

Q. : The pulse width always 1.6ms or less ( with firmware 1.1.27 ). The used config is the same with 1.1.23. (with 1.1.23 and the same config and tables I get the right pulse width -around 15-20 ms for crank -). What could be wrong?

A : Did you update the vemsv3.ini in your current Megatune directory to version supplied with the firmware distribution e.g. in \firmware_1.1.27\doc\megatune\vemsv3.ini ? Pulsewidth variable was changed a bit in 1.1.27 (higher resolution). - DB


The engine is runing. Both VR sensor needed 15kOhm pullup.

Q.:Problems with spark advance -tested between 800-1200rpm- . Engine runing, LCD (Megatune too) shows the right advance angle, but I get spark around the rigtht (plus-minus 5-10 degree or more). I tried with signalgen too .

Scope1: crank signal(stimulated with signalgen around 1000rpm) with one of the ignition channels.


Those pins looks not too good for me, but disappear without the wastedspark coil.

Scope2: two ignition channel together -EC36pin34 EC36pin36- (stimulated with signalgen around 1000rpm)easy to see the difference between the pulldowns



Az elogyújtás értéke a fent látható módon változik a dwell értékével együtt (scope2).

Ugyanazzal a (Signalgen által produkált) wav-val hajtva véletlenszeruen:


36-1 es konfig tesztelve signalgennel produkált wav (m351).

A fenti problémát produkálja rapszódiusan 800 1/min -ig, ám utána minden esetben helyreáll és megfelelo helyre kerul a gyujtás.

DWELL 11.4 és 5.4 között:



A 8+2 es konfignal, ha nem stimmel a gyujtas a mérések alapján 1600-2100 1/min feletti fordulaton a megfelelo helyre kerul.

Can you check how it behaves with forced ignadv ? like mda28 for 10 degrees.

Does the minimum RPM of good operation change as the forced ignadv is changed ?


The problem is still the same. Forced 10 degrre of advance with mda28. The rpm around 400-500 1/min.


I get the right advance after the rpm of 800 1/min.