ecu repair history:

ecu 9955

1: died installing, connected to it, made some changes and it died, impossible to connect. what was damaged? you say p259?

ecu 10194

2: died after my failure with coil ground disconnected, started worked, and died slowly after I forgot to put coil ground cable in place after swapping ignition coils. baked one igbt, what more happened to it?

thank you.

update 2017/08/01

serial 15103

battery voltage shows 0 after short when removing map sensor.

serial 15104 same as before, it's possible that solder blobs which makes path to rs232 are unsoldered.

need gut replacement for those I believe

2 of those died because of me, some epic stupid mistake. shorted some pins on map sensor header when removing map sensor from it. some small trace of solder was left there, and now 5v regulator makes loads of heat.

and I believe we have 14027

car died when guy was going out of petrol station, no signs of life after that and all cylinders full of petrol. need the same with 4 vr sensors on same pins, subaru trigger system.

3 ECUs received are being rebuilt as gut replacement (even those that show some signs of life are abused enough so would be too risky to repair by replacing some chips).