2 ecus with wiki order comment for multiplexer install,

for firs ecu I would like to have 4 egt sensors over multiplexer, have a vems 4 egt box for it and one over vems box. or maybe you have solution for all five sensors direct to vems box, + all analog inputs, wheelspeeds outside the box + second serial interface.

second ecu is bmw s54,

multiplexer used for switches, pullup for mux channels.


boost trim,


map switch,

one for oil temp,

internal ecu channels with no pullup,

fuel pressure

oil pressure

2 pedal position sensors

2 throttle position sensors

one egt

needs third trigger out instead of analog 1

both wheels speeds out,

dbw output over second wideband heater pin, to make wiring less complicaded because 4 p259 + dbw out going from the same side of ecu.

EC10 pinout v3/14044 v3/14052

See EC10 pins:

Inpmux addressed by internal signals p259/ch2-3 normally.