firmware request

short story.

bmw s54 turbo, big budget drift car, about 40000 eur owner wants maximum protection for the engine, like oil pressure drop = rev limit, fuel pressure drop = rev limit, engine overheating = rev limit, + we would like to make it work with flex fuel gauge, it gives 0-5v voltage based on ethanol content. Or maybe it is possible to connect it directly to ecu, some ecus it support on vss or any other digital input, I'm talking about this one,

(The normal range of operating frequency is between 50150Hz. The microprocessor inside the sensor is capable of a certain amount of self-diagnosis. An output frequency between 180Hz and 190Hz indicates that the fuel is contaminated.)

it gives 50-150hz frequency based on ethanol content. I can search for his datasheet somewhere.

so what I need:

#soft rev limiter on other 2 anytrim mode menus (this one already done).

#I still need coolant temperature in anytrim control source.

##and it would be nice to get aditional 2 anytrim menus for using flex fuel sensor gauge based on 0-5v for ignition and fuel mixture trims.

thanks ;)