so I got first aim2can devices, how can I configure them?

There might be many CAN-bus systems in a vehicle. Please make sure not to adversely effect critical systems eg. ABS.

Some test AIM streams would be nice, eg. with constant for a few seconds, than artificial step (RPM, wheelspeed, MAP, TPS data), so any conversion (eg. the wheelspeed in 0.1 km/h or mph or other units) are easier to notice (calibration or verification with continuously varying data is more challanging).

so what is default configuration? ID's and other stuff?

Implementation according to page#1

thank you, will try to feed this to motec c125 soon

so after like 10hr's of playing with the motec dash I came for advice to motec forum.. after that it took like 5 minutes to define everything and get it working.

[motec forum link]