In the 2007 spring planned a turbocharged engine in a stock VAZ 21011 car.

Collected parts:

VW TDI crakshaft sensor
  • 60-2 ?

Lancia Thesis IAC (2 another from unknown Opel)

Fiat Punto ignition coil

6 used BMW injector, only BOSCH numbers known (thanks for that!)

broken intercooler from unknown SUV

First phase we bulid the engine with new MAHLE pistons, self modified combustion chamber and head. Modified intake manifold from a broken EFI engine. Exhaust downpipe made for VAZ head manually. Oil and water connections for turbo, and tank is prepared for electronic fuel pump. Added fuel lines, replaced battery to have enough place in engine bay.

Second phase cleaned the engine bay from uneccesary parts, put in the completed engine. About two week self wired all the necessary things for the first tests.

At pre-test starting the problems was:

- Stochastic sparks at cranking.

Solution: disassemble the controller and modify sensor set-up on VEMS PCB.

- Injectors don't give any fuel

Solution: change dummy rusted injectors. "New" ones taken from broken BMW

- IAC valve noisy and abnormal

Solution: later recognized -after 2 another used IAC- that a resistor missing on VEMS PCB :( One FET fried... Experimentally patched...

Third phase

23. dec. 2007. 6 PM finally started the engine!!!

- there isn't any effect of IAC valve, temporarly hacked out :(

- VE values aren't so good

- forgotten IAT sensor

By the way, the first ride was fantastic!!! With 3 fire extingusher under our legs :D and gasoline cluds in the exhaust pipe...

mind-logged problems:

- no power over 3500 rpm, max. 20 deg. spark angle

solution: replaced primary trigger wheel, now max. 52 deg. spark angle

- wrong WBO2 sensor, unusable NTK... :(

solution: new Bosch LSU4 sensor

At 2008 spring all mechanic all and electronic problems solved, we have several VE and spark tables normalized for daily usage and for race.

Still questions:

Boost valve sometimes shoot very much over.

Cooling inadequate.

BOV still missing. :((

Gearbox, brakes, oil pressure, tires are weak for this torque.