This is a car that is being custom built by our team KTH-Racing to perform in the Formula Student competition.

We are building this at our school (The Royal Institute of Technology).

Almost every little part that will be on this car are being designed and virtually tested by our team.

Since this is currently being designed and built I can't go into any specific detail about this car.

We will be using a Suzuki GSX-R600 engine which is a four stroke engine and VEMS with genboard v3.3 will control it.

At our web site (see link below) you can read about our previous cars, the first one is from 2003. But currently this site is beeing updated so there is not much on there right now except for a little bit about our team and which companys that we are sponsored by.

I think there will be information about how the sponsors are involved.

This page will be updated with info as fast as we can release it.


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Any chance of VEMS group sponsoring the team with a v3 harness? It would make installation into the formula car a lot easier, the current harness is built for the Rototest dyno.

The harness we have is unsuitable for this car. Really, the length of branches makes it very awkward. The ECU sponsorship assumes proper (not awkward-looking) custom harness is made.

We can send connectors though. Fire in webshop (checkout with IBAN).