We are rebuilding Porsche cariera 911, year 1991, NA 3.6 air cooled motor

(H6), fuel - methanol, ITBs, injectors.

Any info about trigger is highly appreciated.

Primary trigger

Secondary trigger

On-site measurement is very easy and recommended in any case.

If you find 2 pins that show same resistance (usually between 300..1400 Ohm ; take note of actual reading) in both directions, that is VR sensor. Otherwise HALL.

We like to equip it with Vems engine management:

Basic sensors:

extra analog inputs:

ITB - idle air

Are you feeding controlled idle air

[local search for Porsche] - Peep himself installed more than 20 Porsches (but maybe not this type), and perhaps someone else knows even better.

The preparation (finding out VR/HALL) is the easier part; do some measurements, searching, and hang around ChatViaIrc