Mechanical force threshold adjustable switch: the switch activates when force threshold is exceededqs_forceswitch.gif
It is similar than previous, but sensor is not a switch, it is a analog force sensor. Force threshold is usually configured by software. I also have seen a modified lever with strain gauges instaled for use with motocross and supermotard bikes.qs_loadcell.gif
It is the most simple method, it is a simple lever position microswitch, the cut happens when the shift shaft is in set-up position, Yoshimura quick shift sensor showed work in this wayqs_switch.gif
It work like previous, but position is meassured by linear potenciometer and position is configured by software.qs_pot.gif
There are two ways to make quick shifter:
  • ignition cut- it ussualy make a ugly explosion in exhaust pipe. The only clean way involves fuelcut too.
  • retard spark- it is more elegant method. This is similar to ALS (anti-lag system) used in turbo engines (but not enough in itself, and involves much unnecessary heat)
Both methods have delay under 0.1 seconds, typically 40 - 50 msec.

Is this similar to ALS? (retard spark?) Or just event skipping? There is a redline RPM cut, which prevents RPM raising above a configured max. However some smart code to help RPM go to the natural next-gear RPM (it would be similar to idle-control, improved by adding event-skipping if it cannot go down further to reach target RPM just by closing the idlevalve).