Ignition timing accuracy test with Genboard_v3/Firmware2004-11-24_v11_2

Some time ago, I was making some ignition accuracy test with my Microchip PIC based simulator, My simulator give crack-cam signal, I can program any crank-cam pattern and i can select speed of this signal. My Genboard aplication is hi speed racing engines and I was test it at very hi speed (about 15000 RPM).

The result of my first test was than the accuracy of firing at this engine speed was bad (about 4º at 15000), I was make a report with this result.

I have checked than this point have been gradually corrected from old firmware version to current tested version (2004-11-24_v11_2)

I have repeated the ignition timing accuracy, And I think it is dificult to exceed with this hardware. It is better than expected for me.


Firing error seems to keep into 10usec cursors with usb oscilloscope, I have need a old analog oscilloscope to see than there are very infrequent error of 15 usec. It give a timming error of 0.9º at 15000.

I think It is perfect for any hi speed engine including supersport 600cc engines (15000 RPM).