Genboard is not designed for racing use and it haven´t some fuctions than are very usefull in racing:

This fuctions (ordered by importance) could be:

Quick shifter - to shift up with full throttle.

It is very simple method, if you are full throttle and you try to shift then you feel than lever is very hard and it is unable to move because torque make impossible gears to be un-engaged. The quick shifter fuction cut ignition for a short time when rider or driver try to shift gear.

It could be simple, A simple ignition skipping during programmable time when input line is actived (ignition is reactived despite input line continue active.



I think there are others users interested in logging fuction of Genboard.

It is only a personal opinion of this stuff:

Which type of datalogging is necessary on a ecu?

Profesional data logging like 2D datarecording have very complex pc software, otherwise on ecu only some fuctions dedicated to tune engine are necesary.

Why datalogging?

the fuel map and ignition map setting in race vehicles never work in closed loop. The method to tune engine is very easy. the data logged are downloaded to a pc-software and analyzed, then consequent changes are maked in ecu tables.

Which channels are necesary?

Any internal variable of the ecu would be suitable to record but I think there are funtamental four channels

The frequency with which one samples each piece of data can be different, engine coolant temperature maybe only every 200 ms but MAP must have much higher sampling frequency. This can save precious space. -MS

LCD Dash with RPM bar and Temperature alphanumeric or grafic display showing RPM bar and engine temperature and shifter flash (a number of led shoot a light flash when programmed RPM are exceeded.

Another interesting fuction could be:

Drivebywire - It could be a lot of fuctions


Adaptor PCB with stock Suzuki GSXR connectors

I prefer to build a PCB adaptor and use original connector, in this way, this ecu is plug and play in any efi suzuki engine.


This adaptor have a conditioning circuit for original pick-ups (cam and crank) copied from original ecu (very small SMD and silicone packed).

IGBT´s have been placed in this board because original genboard will be cuted to reduce dimensions.