My engine started with Genboard working in fully sequencial ignition (with COP´s)!!!

Last two weeks I have been building a test bench with a car engine, The reason is than I haven´t GSXR engine, the team i was working for have broken, and i want to have a stable test bench to test anything without ask to anybody.

12-2gear.jpgcops.jpggeneral1.jpggeneral2.jpginjector jpgpump%26regulator.jpg

I want to clarify than the engine i have starting is only a testbench, the bests option to start this engine would be wasted spark, but my objetive is install a genboard into motorbike racing engines, any superbike or supersport engine work in fully sequencial ignition and injection, this engines are hi speed engines (upto 15000 RPM) and I think it is bad idea to double coils and injectors speed for wasted-spark operation.

All hi-performance motorbikes have similar triggering pattern:

in stock motorbikes both sensors are magnetic pick-up.

All models have independent throttle bodies with one or two injectors per cylinder and on-coil-plugs.

The first experiment was to start engine with wasted spark, this experiment was easy and i used this experiment to precise ajust of TDC. The trigger tooth is the second tooth and another trigger is sixth starting from primary trigger. Primary trigger are 50 degree before TDC.

I connected the COPs to genboard and i clamped timming light to 1cyl COP, but the engine was working with original ignition system (no genboard), then I ajust the correct value for TDC delay. I have to set full advance table to 0º. There are any test mode to fire at 0º?


The second pass was fully sequencial ignition, the cam sensor the same honeywell than crank one, Cam signal have placed outside ignition advance range and missing tooth range, the cam signal is a narrow pulse, it is not a toggle type signal (half cycle at high level and other half cycle at low level) it is only a pulse, but it seems to it isn´t any problem for genboard,


The picture is a conbination of several oscilloscope screens the upper signal are simulator signal and the four below waveform are genboard ignition signals, it shows as 4 independent ignitions are fired each engine cycle.

Firmware and configuration used in this experiment:

Genboard [tables_v11_2.txt] and [config_v11_2.txt]

Firmware used: [release 1.0.11 since 2004-11-24]

Thancks to genboard team for assistance in this stuff.