GSXR1000RK3 Engine Sensors Description

geartooth.jpgHere are trigger signals measured with running engine geartoothsignal.gif It is dificult to know signal shape seeing the gear tooth, it have very strange missing tooth but it is 24-2. Cam sync have only one tooth. Both are analog pick-up type. Signal amplitude are very variable, from 2 volts peak to peak (starting) to 40 volt at 10000 rpm. Please note that the signal is reverse polarity. Swap VR- and VR+ with genboard so the VR+ signal falling edge (when crossing 0mV) becomes proper tooth-chain
throttlepos.jpgThrottle position sensor
airtemp.jpgAir box temperature sensor
gearpos.jpgGear position sensor, GSXR gear sensor is similar to potentiometer. It have this voltage values: 1 - 1.86v / 2 - 2.36v / 3 - 3.12v / 4 - 3.73v / 5 - 4.44v / 6 - 4.77v / N - 5.00v
quickshift.jpgYoshimura quick shifter sensor, switch type sensor