Turbo charged Lotus Seven replica

Saab 2l turbo engined Tiger Cat kit car with extensive chassi modifications. Used on track and on the street.

Engine management specifics:

Trigger: 60-2 stock SAAB trigger.

Ignition: Bosch motorsport wastespark coilpack,3ms dwell.

Firmware: 1.1.18

2007-05-15: Cutout problem gone, but not properly identified as the fuelsystem was upgraded and the firmware changed to 1.1.18 at the same time. As expected the pump sounded much better with the filter fitted after the pump. -Jörgen

Wierd cutout trouble

Possible fuel filter issue but still worth mentioning as it looks like an ECU issue at first. Note that we haven't verified that it's not an ECU issue yet! -Jörgen

When doing the initial tuning we found that the car would cut out at around 4800-5200rpm and that it would not recover until the ECU was rebooted! We could easily reproduce the problem and the rpm for the cutout was not affected by load. The car restarts after cycling power to the ECU.

The high pressure Audi filter was fitted before the fuelpump, I pointed out that this should be changed before the session but as it had run this way all of last year on the SAAB trionic 7 engine management we started tuning the car anyway.

We found the suspected fuel filter issue after filling the car up with more fuel. The car would not start, we did the basic measurements and everything seemed fine. Suddenly we heard a shirping sound from the fuelrail and after that the car started.

Tomorrow we will know if the fuel filter alone has caused this problem. One other possible cause is the fuel pressure regulator, during the assembly of the car the fuel lines was connected backwards and the fuel pressure regulator could possibly have been damaged by this. If the regulator were to be lock up in the closed position the fuelpressure could get very high, possibly high enough to prevent the fuel injectors from opening.

HI! I have exactly the same problem with this version of firmware in a Lancia here. It works with 12-1 HALL trigger wasted spark. The car dies at about 2000 RPM, and does not works until restart. With the older firmware it works good. -FERO

Which is the last known good firmware that works for your car? 1.1.22? -Jörgen

The last firmware that i use is 1.1.18. I use it in several cars.With 12-1, 24+1, and 36-1 trigger systems.-Fero