Turbo and AlphaN

I have three incomming turbo cars with AlphaN throttle bodies that will need ECU's in very soon. The first one will need code that works in a month or so.

We don't support this currently but I would need a simple application like the one suggested by Emil. Is it resonable to expect code within a month? I will need to direct the BMW 2002 toward a competitor system otherwise.

The cars are:

BMW 2002


Nissan Skyline R33 GTR

I need this on at least one car as well, it's using ITBs and a very aggressive BMW Motorsport cam:


I know a couple of other cars that would benefit a lot from having AlphaN support to increase engine control at idle and low load. They belong to friends of mine, Emil has been helping out with those setups.

- Mattias

I do also need to run my AE86 with a 4age 20v engine with itbīs and turbo within a month,better sooner,but otherwise i will run it map only,

This will run with a 36-1 triggerwheel ont that crank, and a edis coil.

- Skassa