Track BMW

Car specification:

BMW 318is '90


Ground control coil overs with 440lbs front springs and 700lbs rear springs. The positioning of the spring in the rear makes it behave like a wheel mounted 400-450lbs spring. Koni shocks are used.


1995 M42 longblock from a 318ti with intake, oil pan, valve cover and accessories from the 318is '90 engine.

I have tracked and developed this car for three years now. Except for the chassi changes the car is kept mostly stock. The only modification to the engine is the VEMS v3 engine management.

The car has been running around one thousand laps on 1.0.77 but I upgraded it to the very new and still experimental 1.0.61 firmware on the 7th of October. It will be tracked with the new experimental firmware on the 10th of October.

2010 season

Next years modifications may include a turbo engine as it seems hard to improve the chassi much more.

Chassi modifications:

The VEMS plans include:

Connect more sensors to the VEMS.

Install and use the VEMS onboard logger for logging engine vitals

I will fit instrumentation using mostly VEMS round gauges taking their information from the ECU.