SimpleTrigger? problem

Two cars with 4 cylinder simple trigger setups experience problems with stumbling in the 1500-2000rpm range.

First car specificiations:

Second car specifications:

I have posted a log and an idle triggerlog from one of the cars here:

Very noticable stumbles occur between 3.03 and 3.06s. I found the bad injector phase setup after taking the log but correcting it did not change anything.

What should we watch in the log ?

Ive also experienced this with a 4cyl Porsche 911 in Gvle running Simple Trigger,

spent a couple of hours driving on the road try to work things out but couldnt anything out of it.

It runs as the wind over 2000rpms.

Firmware 1.1.81 - Can probably post a log tonight.

Erik Englund.

Is that also with HALL-dirac filtering? vemscfg or vemslog ?


We could reproduce the problem with invalid setup only:

With proper HALL signal, max 24 teeth (and signal stable for min 25% after the chosen edge), we could not reproduce the missing spark. It behaved well in all tests so far.