BMW 320 E36 rally car

This is a normally aspirated 2l car with a fully built engine that will hopefully produce up toward 270hp.

New config and tables:

Two bad lines in tables.txt was found:

This is wrong as it's read backwards: h[1]=00 14 28 00 14 28 00 00. It will look for pulse 00, 28, 14 in that order.

The correct line is:

h[1]=00 28 14 00 28 14 00 00

This is the correct H[2] table:

h[2]=30 50 10 30 50 10 70 70

Currently the working cylinders fire when they are supposed to and the only problem is that cyl5 doesn't fire at all. But CYL2 that is paired with cyl5 through ign_dualout fires as it should.

The coils are wired like this:

Fire order Pin Ign_output

cyl1 35 0

cyl5 34 2

cyl3 11 4

cyl6 33 1

cyl2 36 3

cyl4 12 5

Config and tables (120deg problem fixed):

The car is setup with dualout, running from entry 2..0 in the tables. I tried running it with 5..0 at first but found that cyl 4 didn't fire when supposed to on every turn, every other turn it fired 120 deg to late. The cause of the 120 deg problem is identified, minor trouble with H[2] table.

I'm in the shit here as I'm far from home and as the car will compete in the national rally championships in three weeks.