Idle ignition table request

I have been missing this feature for a very long time on cars where I want to run high ignition timing from low rpm at low loads while still running low timing on idle rpms.

It's also a problem on cars which does not pull a lot of vaccum, but still draw enough to make them work well on speed density.

This leads to compromises in the ignition table to allow the engine to drop down to idle rpms without using IAC motor. It can be worked around by using aggressive ignition advance based idle control.

I request a new ignition table that is only active while the TPS is below the idle threshold. It can reuse the same bins as the rpm table. OR use it's own 17 point table from 300-2000rpm for higher resolution. This table should reside in the idle control section

A 17 point table from 300-2000rpm would be very good.