Audi 80Q with tuned ABY engine

I repaired the electrical system of this car after it had failed to start, there was some serious errors but it was easy to fix.

The car started fine but as the engine took in water on cylinder #2 I had to send it back to customer right after startup.

Now when the car is running it gets the 6000rpm bang, I instructed the owner to increase the size of the Hall window as that has fixed the problem on an other car but it did nothing on this car.

The TDC ref pin on this car is not in the stock location on the flywheel but on the harmonic damper of the engine. This could be the source of the problem.

On IRC we discussed an implementation where the TDC ref pin would be allowed to arrive one RPM pulse to early without fuel/spark cut and resync. Instead the timing would simply be retarded 3 degrees for that turn (one rpm pulse = 360/135 = 2.7deg). I find this to be a good implementation. It would be VERY good if this was shown in the logfile.