which should help immensely in my cam-sync endeavor


car runs wasted spark, strobed cyl 1 and chalk marked cyl 1 tdc on trigger wheel...FTT of 0 and TDC after trigger of 72 was off, 67 degrees TDC after the trigger with First trigger tooth set to 3 is spot on. This is BMW vanos 60-2 wheel, cyl 1 TDC mark comes around 5-6 teeth to the right of the prim trigger (324 degrees moving counterclockwise from missing tooth)


Found car has a resistor in the coil ground causing grounding errors for the primary trigger when power to coils was activated.

---Fixed. Clean signal back.

Secondary trigger hooked up, also clean reading.

  • Attempting to get full sequential running.
  • Confirm Ignition/injector orderings.
  • Try firing order 3-6-2-4-1-5 (stock is 1-5-3-6-2-4 but cylinder 3&4 TDC is first to pass primary trigger sensor)

--wasted spark will be 3,4-1,6-2,5 (from bottom to top, and repeated)

Trigger log here:



Injectors are wired such that:

EC36-19-->Cylinder 1

EC36-20-->Cylinder 2

EC36-18-->Cylinder 3

EC36-09-->Cylinder 4

EC36-07-->Cylinder 5

EC36-08-->Cylinder 6


EC36-36-->Coil 1

EC36-20-->Coil 2

EC36-33-->Coil 3

EC36-35-->Coil 4

EC36-11-->Coil 5

EC36-34-->Coil 6

\emph I am very open to suggestions/advice on any glaring issues anyone notices in my config as this is my first foray into this type of thing...


VEMS installed, 60-2 Trigger wheel.

Primary Trigger Sensor: VR

Secondary Trigger : Hall

6 COP.

Had good luck with VR trigger - nice clean signal.

Pinout Diagram:

This - until DME Relay was hooked up (which provides power to injectors and coils). When this happened I lost trigger signal.

--Investigate tomorrow