VEMS at Volvo C70 5cyl turbo

We are a couple of guys doing our project work on The car electronics program(Bilelektronik) at Elof LindĂ?¤lvs Gymnasium in Kungsbacka south of Gothenburg in Sweden.

The engine we should perform the VEMS on is a Volvo engine called B5234T3. 5 cyl engine.

We have got a lot of spare parts and also a nearly complete spare engine.

Well i'm going to keep you as updated as i can.

It would be nice if someone who has done the installation on this type of engine before could help us with some knowledge.

Maybe i forget to thank people who helps me with all this so i do it here. Thank you!



The engine is a B5234T3 (2319cc), From a Volvo C70 Turbo Compression ratio 8,5: 1

On crankshaft it's a VR (60-2 Emil?)

Camshaft is HALL

I made a shopping list with all the parts i think we gonna need and a price summary in sek (fill it up if you think something is missing) .

Trigger section

Trigger is the most important part to get right: if this is sorted, the rest should not be too hard (although everything requires some research and planning)

Trigger is very similar to 5cyl audi with aftermarket 60-2 wheel.


Even if this engine is not very common, the head is the same as 4cyl volvo-s, so starting VE map can be borrowed (easy to tune with the wideband in any case).

Ignition table

of a similar 4cyl can also be used, as long as the compression ratio (CR) is close too. Good starting point should not be a problem anyway.


Econoseal is worth its price, planning to use that.

RE: I saw that wiring is included in the econoseal18 harness and the econoseal36 harness or am i wrong?

From TyresĂ?¶ Gym

Hello we just ordered our genboard and planning the wiring at the moment... we have a bit of problem cause the ecm harness is going thru a imobilzer module. Otherwise it have went well. When you order your genboard be sure to order it with the rigt options. Mvh Carl, Johan, Dennis, Christian, David FP3 TyresĂ?¶ Gymnasium.

To get the correct options, you have to know:


Fill it up with usual shortenings and explainations if you want to.

VR - Variable Reluctance (swe. Induktivgivare)

CR - Compression Ratio

VE - Volumetric Efficiency (basically the values entered into the fuel map)


Made a quick calculate of the shopping list...

Can someone take a look and tell me if i have forgott something.

Genboard v3.3:

Genboard v3.3 PCB(+rescue kit included)



Econoseal18-harness 330.0sek

Econoseal18-PCB 66.6sek

Econoseal36-harness 464.0sek

Econoseal36-PCB 104.6sek


Alubos EC frontplate 85.3sek

Alubos Endplate 55.5sek

Alubos gasket 19.0sek

Alubos1600 252.9sek

Wideband O2 sensor:

Wideband connector 82.7sek

Wideband O2 sensor 548.8sek

Injector/WBO2 drivers~x10 181.0sek

Ignition drivers x10 348.0sek

LCD4x20 225.2sek

Totalcost: 5115.2sek

Hello Johan, guess the easyest way to contact someone of us is to call Carl, Carl does not know that im giving you out his number right now, but just say that Johan Berglund gave it to you guys :). 0762-100506