I'm interested in the Marlin 5exi mid-engined kit car and may start building in late 2005 / early 2006.

This kit is based on the Rover 200 series of hatchback which uses the same Rover K-series engine as the Lotus Elise and MG's MGB, but is lighter than either, weighing in at about 600kg.

There's quite a bit of information about tuning this engine at Dave Andrew's site but all his tuning kits reflect the £500 cost of an Emerald ECU. I'd be extremely interested to hear of anyone using VEMS with one of these engines - please email me at

[MembersPage/PhatBob] Joe, it will be relatively simple to fit a VEMS system to this engine, the rover trigger is already supported by the firmware and the sensors are all standard. The Emerald ECU is plug and play compatible with the standard ECU, which can be done for VEMS if you have a spare ECU that you don't mind butchering. Otherwise you'll need to make up a loom (or get me to do it) which for a kitcar will be relatively painless.