I am planning to install VEMS on a Fiat/Lancia 5 cyl. 2l 20V engine. Since I have no previous experience with engine management the time frame for this project is pretty much unlimited.

Some data on the engine:

From what I can tell (which isn't alot) all sensors needed by VEMS is already there (except MAP sensor). Problem seems to be to figure out if they can be used.

High impedance Bosch injectors (std) rated at about 330cc/min@3 bar.


MembersPage/PhatBob - For the VVT looking at [8] you will need to measure the resistence across the solanoid (1) in the picture, I see that the Motronic ECU drives these through a series of relays, depending on the current draw it may be possible to drive the VVT directly by one of the spare High Current outputs.

MembersPage/EmilMalmsten/AudiS/OldPage is a 5cyl that was running on 60-2 (+ camsync, of course) earlier, before it was converted to InputTrigger/AudiTrigger.