Intake Air Temperature Sensor:

GM standard


Coolant Temperature Sensor:

GM standard


EGT Sensor:

Standard 2mm sensor placed at header collector

Wired directly to VEMS board

Throttle position sensor:

Bosch, supplied with VW throttle body for automatic transmission cars. Throttle body is standard Mk2 VW style with two parallel but staged butterflies; larger butterfly opens when small butterfly has opened to 75%.

EC36-1: TPS pin xx

EC36-28: TPS pin 2

EC36-xx: TPS pin xx

MAP Sensor:

4 bar sensor sold in the WebShop

EC36-xx: MAP pin xx

EC36-xx: MAP pin xx

EC36-xx: MAP pin xx

WBO2 Setup:

wbo2_pump_pw (0x63) gives voltage of -0.03V.

Rcal measured at 127 ohms, so wbo2_calibration is set to 0xB0.

100ohm resistor testing method:

nernst_dc_target=8D gives Nernst at 3.96V

nernst_dc_target=BD gives 4.47V.

Old WBO2 issues can be found at MembersPage/JimW/Sensors/OldWBOxygenIssues, may be able to help someone with troubleshooting