Progress report (Nov 11):

Firmware r023

Starts and runs! Idles fairly smoothly with only set-screw holding throttle body at 4-5% open. Drove around a little bit, runs very well and all parameters look good. Accelerates much harder than when K-Jet was running the show, until it gets to the sections of fuel map I haven't tuned. I'll be reviewing logs today, updating tables and doing more testing, provided the rain stays away. Thank you, everyone, for your help!

Progress 9 July 2006:

Firmware r045, Megatune for 1.0.36

On conversion from firmware r023 several options were left unset in config which threw everything off quite a bit. Be sure to review all pages and set config accordingly. Enabling antilag and launch by accident will prevent engine from running.

  • We have this problem too with 1.0.36 firmware: when reaching something like 6000rpm, the engine shuts itself off. And then turning the starter, acts normal until you rev it more than 6000.... PeepPaadam?

Originally tdc_after_trigger was set to 60 deg but engine wouldn't fire because of incorrect trigger_tooth was being used. First test why engine wouldn't fire revealed:

tdc_after_trigger was adjusted without changing trigger_tooth. This will be remedied in next test session. (14 Oct 2006). trigger_tooth should be adjusted by 3 teeth.

Maybe one of these vars has something to do with my artificial rpm limit at 6000 rpm? Engine will NOT rev above 6000 rpm. Seems like fuel is being cut, but I can't tell for sure.

Was having trouble with ego correction going wild. Fix was to increase injector opening times and reduce req_fuel from 9.2ms to 6.6ms. Now getting realistic ego correction and ve learning is working as it should.

In light of my recent crank_minper mistake I decided to create a chart showing the graphical representation of max rpm vs. crank_minper values. The Excel based chart is located at

A copy of this chart will be reproduced in the manaul.